Drainage Composite


SKAPS geocomposite is a TRANSNET geonet bonded with a nonwoven geotextile. The primary purpose of a geocomposite is use as a filter media for leachate solutions. The geotextile acts as the filter for the migrating fluid and only allows liquids to enter and be carried by the geonet.

SKAPS selects only high quality polypropylene geotextiles to be used in the manufacturing of its geocomposites. These geotextiles are available in various weights and can be laminated in either a single or double-sided configuration. The final product is based upon engineering requirements.

Geocomposite with TN160

Geocomposite with TN220

Geocomposite with TN250

Geocomposite with TN270

Geocomposite with TN300

Geocomposite with TN330