Product Comparison

Grab Tensile SKAPS Propex Geotex® Tencate Mirafi® Thrace-LINQ

Civil Nonwoven Geotextiles

80 lbs GT131 311 135N 120EX
90 lbs GT135 351 140NL 125EX
100 lbs GT140 451 140NC 130EX
120 lbs GT142 401 140N 140EX
135 lbs GT150 501 150N
160 lbs GT160 601 160N 150EX
180 lbs GT170 701 170N 160EX
205 lbs GT180 801 180N 180EX
250 lbs GT110 1001 1100N 245EX
300 lbs GT112 1201 1120N 275EX
380 lbs GT116 1601 1160N 350EX

Paving Geotextiles

90 lbs GC130 4599 MPV400 AOL/130X
102 lbs GC140 4598 MPV500 AOM

Environmental Nonwoven Geotextiles

160 lbs GE160 651 S600 600EX
225 lbs GE180 861 S800 800EX
270 lbs GE110 1071 S1000 1000EX
330 lbs GE112 1291 S1200 1200EX
390 lbs GE116 1701 S1600 1600EX

Woven Geotextiles

200 lbs W200 200ST 500X GTF200
250 lbs W250 250ST 550X GTF250
315 lbs W315 315ST 600X GTF300

Woven Monofilament

370×250 M706 104F FW700 GTF400E
365X200 M404 111F FW402 GTF400EO
315 MT4050 2X2HF FW404 GTF404

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